Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Lightbringers

Sketched this one for fun. A little different from what I usually do and used lines now. Wanted to keep this one sketchy, yet detailed at the same time.

The picture shows The Lightbringers, a special group from the Lemurian Empire that ventured on a journey to find more about a mysterious ruin hidden deeply beneath their homeland.

From left to right:

Praetorian Secunda Beatrix Santos Bellerose, the supreme commander of the empire and arguably the most powerful swordmaster on the continents. She accompanies the group as their bodyguard. The Empire left nothing to chance and sent her, the best of the best.
High Priestess Dianna Angelus, one of the higher ranking priestesses in the Lemurian Church. The head of the Church, Celestine only let her go on this dangerous journey because Beatrix, Dianna's childhood friend is also with her.
Grand Tactician Ramira, one of the two grand tacticians that serve the Empire. She has always been considered a mastermind who is always two steps ahead of the enemy. She played a crucial part in the coup that changed Lemuria forever and made it the most powerful nation of them all.
Elatus Emidius, he is the current heir to the lemurian throne and set out to learn everything about the Empire's past. However, during this event he's still in incognito, because a false emperor is still on the throne. The praetorians are his most important allies and their goal is to make Elatus the true emperor.

They are all from my fantasy story.

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