Sunday, August 23, 2015

Commander Claire Merces

Sniper Commander Claire Merces during the lemurian northern campaign against the savage barbaric tribes that besieged the empire for year.

Claire was tasked to scout the enemy movements and later pin them down with her squad of snipers. But they were ambushed and forced to pull back, she stayed behind to let her squad pull back safely. Claire was gravely wounded and barely stood chance against the inhuman odds, and when she was about to fall, a ferocius white wyvern sent by the Dragon Lord, the lemurian Dragon Cavalry's leader, came to her rescue. With the wyvern's arrival started the Dragon Cavalry's and the Guardians' offensive against the barbarians, which will later result in the crushing defeat of the tribes.

After the encounter, the wyvern started showing emotions for Claire and actually becomes her companion later on, after her recovery.

(Claire is actually my main in Guild Wars 2, but decided to add her to my story, haha.)

Inspired by Alex Konstad and Kekai Kotaki, my favourite artists.

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